Australia's most advanced
Towing and
Anti-Theft System


WiTi offers a revolutionary anti-theft system and is the only anti-theft system designed specifically for caravans and trailers fitted with electric brakes.

The WiTi Anti-Theft device detects movement via a highly sensitive gyroscope. If a caravan / trailer is hitched or moved slightly whilst the Anti-Theft is active then WiTi immediately locks the brakes, flashes all the lights and sounds an alarm. The caravan or camper trailer is completely immobilised and will be impossible to tow. 

WiTi Anti-Theft is sensitive to two types of movement, acceleration and sharp knocks or bumps. WiTi is sensitive enough to detect attempted break-ins as well as attempted theft of the van. We have programmed out a sideways swaying motion that is normally associated with wind to avoid false alarms in windy conditions.

GPS Tracking

WiTi has partnered with global leaders Quiktrak, and has integrated GPS Tracking and Alerting into WiTi Anti-Theft. This extends the functionality of WiTi Anti-Theft and provides mobile phone alerts if the alarm is triggered as well as real time tracking in the event of theft. WiTi GPS is offered with either Live Tracking for real time tracking or QProtect which is designed specifically for RV owners where live tracking is not a requirement. 

QProtect is a "location on demand" system allowing the user to locate and receive notifications via the WiTiGPS mobile or web applications. A key benefit of QProtect is that it utilises a low cost credit system. A credit is charged when an event / alert is activated for example the triggering of the alarm, a location request, low battery voltage etc. 20 credits are supplied free of charge on registration or renewal of the annual subscription. Odometer readings are included as Qprotect automatically updates the location and distance travelled every 18 hours and updates the App.

Live Tracking is priced at $228 per year and QProtect is $49 per year. This is charged on registration of the GPS.

Wireless Interface

Designed and developed in Australia, WiTi replaces the cables and plugs connecting a tow vehicle and trailer with an advanced wireless interface. WiTi consists of a primary unit in the tow vehicle and a secondary unit in the camper trailer or caravan.  Described by the industry as the greatest advancement in towing technology for the last twenty years, WiTi continues to innovate with the announcement of the WiTi integrated Electronic Brake Controller with Hill Descent Assist. A global first for electric brake enabled trailers and caravans.

WiTi transmits all lighting and braking signals wirelessly. Although wireless, WiTi is not dependant upon the Internet and communication is point to point between the vehicle unit and trailer unit.

No more cables to damage or rip out, no more corroded terminals and no more loose connections.

Integrated Brake Controller with Hill Descent Assist

WiTi now offers an integrated brake controller with ground breaking Hill Descent Assist. The WiTi Brake Controller connects to the Vehicle Unit with a dash mounted dial for gain adjustment and manual override. The WiTi Brake Controller offers two significant safety innovations, Hill Descent Assist and Brake Smoothing

Hill Descent Assist improves safety and control when descending steep hills. All proportional brake controllers use inertia to determine the braking force applied to the brakes. The firmer the braking the more inertia is generated and braking is applied on the caravan or trailer in proportion. However, when descending steep hills the driver of the tow vehicle typically feathers the brakes to maintain speed - this generates no inertia as there is no deceleration. As a result there is no braking applied to the caravan or trailer and the tow vehicle is being pushed down the hill. WiTi Hill Descent Assist eliminates this by measuring the angle of descent and applying the brakes relative to the gain setting on the dash mounted dial. The steeper the descent the more braking is applied resulting in a safer more controlled descent.

No other brake controller offers Hill Descent Assist- another global innovation for WiTi.

Brake Smoothing eliminates the sharp and annoying jerking that may occur with other brake controllers. With WiTi the output to the electric brakes on the caravan or trailer is measured and smoothed electronically to provide a more comfortable and safer towing experience and eliminating harsh jerking under firm braking.


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