Product Testimonials

Jonathan Roberts

"With caravan / camper trailer theft on the increase thought I'd share a short review on the anti-theft function of the new WiTi unit I installed on my Stoney Creek Nugget RT trailer a couple of months ago. 
A few flies about and apologies for the sound at the beginning and end of the video. Personally I think it's an awesome product but for more info visit their website.
PS: this is not a promotion it's my personal feedback - I'm just stoked with the product."

Philip Warwick

"Hi, I purchased the WiTi  anti theft unit for my caravan at the Camping and Caravan show March 2018, and fitted it to the van as per the instructions.

After activating it remotely, I gave the van a bit of a shove by hand (not hard) and away the unit went, horn blowing, lights flashing and brakes applied.
It works real well, very pleased with it.

I fitted the remote unit under the bed, the horn I fitted underneath the van, made up a harness to suit and wired it all up.

I feel a lot safer now leaving the van any where. Thanks."


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