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Something totally new and exciting has just entered the caravanning market, and it’s called WiTi. Developed by the WA-based company Leisure Technologies whose owner has 30 years of experience in IT and electronics, WiTi is a unique wireless towing and security system that does away with annoying trailer connectors, as well as stopping would-be thieves in their tracks. It works by converting the lighting and braking signals from your vehicle and transmitting them wirelessly to your caravan or trailer. It also keeps your caravan secure by applying the brakes and sounding the alarm if anyone tries to tow it away. It works with existing brake controllers, but WiTi are currently working on developing their own.

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Larry - Fulltime Caravanning

Overall the WITI is one of those innovative systems that does what it says on the box.

Once I wired up the two units and popped in the fuses the vehicle and trailer units paired up almost instantly. I could tell this easily by turning the ute lights on and the caravan lights also came on. Even though it's not a relevant test, I decided to see what range i could get from the wireless connection. So off I drove for around 400 meters before the lights on the van went out. What this tells me though is if i'm actually connected to the drawbar, the signal is strong enough that it's unlikely to struggle for signal. It works on a WIFI signal and is very stable.

I shouldn't put all companies into one group, but in my experience most businesses around Australia don't have the best customer support. In fact some places customer support can be simply not existent. However my experience with Tony from Leisure Technologies was the opposite and was spot on. He was very helpful and responded efficiently with my questions and suggestions I had.

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Jeff Hedges - TJM Maroochydore

Just fitted this to my Landcruiser 200 & caravan, always had brake controller problems  due to the heavy trailer lead not allowing good contact at the 12 pin plug, with this unit i have constant brake control and very precise adjustment and also comes with an anti-theft feature built in. You also have the ability to check your van lights without being connected to the vehicle so you can drive up to the rear of the van and operate the light functions from your tow vehicle and see what is going on, what a great product. if you want further information on this give the guys at TJM Maroochydore a call.

Philip Warwick

Hi, I purchased the WiTi  anti theft unit for my caravan at the Camping and Caravan show March 2018, and fitted it to the van as per the instructions.

After activating it remotely, I gave the van a bit of a shove by hand (not hard) and away the unit went, horn blowing, lights flashing and brakes applied.
It works real well, very pleased with it.
I fitted the remote unit under the bed, the horn I fitted underneath the van, made up a harness to suit and wired it all up.
I feel a lot safer now leaving the van any where.
Best regards, Phil Warwick.

Josef & Celia Netolicky

Thrilled to have discovered WiTi at the same time we bought our van. One thing that really concerned us was how many caravans are stolen, even with the hitch lock. We had it installed prior to pick up. Very happy with the decision to secure our investment. After sales service has been exceptional. 

Celia and Josef

Geoff Waye

After reading about so many vans being stolen I decided to try a new product on the market which is anti-theft and a GPS unit. After installing which was quite simple to do and straight forward I put it to the test and I was very impressed with the unit. I had no chance of moving the van as the alarm went off the moment I tried to hook up so I decided to hook up than set the alarm and drive away but again the alarm sounded and the brakes locked and I couldn’t move at all. If for some reason they are able to move it I’ve always got the GPS global positioning the van and it will notify me if the van moves as a secondary protection.  I believe this unit could be a great way to protect your van.
Regards Geoff Waye

Trip in a Van Reviews WiTi Anti Theft

RVeeThereYet - Marty

WiTi Wireless Trailer Interface – Product Review

You really have to wonder why, in this wireless age, that we caravanners still rely on wired connections to our trailers lights and brakes. Seriously, no matter which system you use, round, square, 7 pin, 12 pin, they have the same fatal flaw. They are unreliable, prone to the effects of weather and the environment, and, in the worst circumstances, destroyed on rough terrain. It’s amazing that the industry hasn’t developed some form of wireless technology to connect our trailer brakes and lighting.

Well now they have. It’s called WiTi and I believe it is a game changer for all caravanners and anyone else who regularly tows a large trailer or tows off road. 

To sum up the WITi system, it’s a brilliant innovation to caravanning and towing generally. It’s easy to install, does what it says it will do and provides the additional anti-theft feature as part of the package. It gives you total piece of mind when it comes to trailer lights and braking connections. If you do any off road towing, or you’ve experienced issues with your trailer lights in the past, you will totally appreciate the WiTi system.

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