ACMA introduces new regulations to support intelligent transport systems

New regulations will allow Australian road traffic authorities to roll out intelligent transport systems (ITS) that enable vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-person or vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

Following industry consultation, the Australian Communications and Media Authority has introduced the Radiocommunications (Intelligent Transport Systems) Class Licence 2017, which will support the use of complying wireless technologies and devices.

ITS are expected to make roads smarter, safer and cleaner through the use of communications technologies,’ said ACMA acting Chair, James Cameron. 

‘The new Class Licence will facilitate the rollout of the latest transportation communications technology, putting Australia on par with other nations adopting ITS.

The regulations allow the 5.9 GHz band to be used for ITS in Australia, and are consistent with the ITS arrangements in major vehicle markets such as the United States and European Union.
Harmonising Australia’s ITS arrangements with wider global developments means Australian motorists are more likely to enjoy the benefits of connected vehicles as they become available.


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